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How to check shedding in hair extensions

Most hair extension buyers are curious about shedding problems in the hair extensions. They want to know if the hair extension will shed hair. Hair shedding, as defined in hair extensions manufacturing, is due to poorly done wefts which cannot hold hair. The hair slips out form loose wefts and slowly the entire weft may become empty. 

For accurate testing of shedding in weft, please open your hair extension weft and hold it in your hand by weft. Than try to pull single strands of hair from different locations in weft. If the hair is pulled out easily without breakage, it means that the quality of weft is not good. 

One should not confuse shedding of weft with hair breaking. There are different reasons for breaking of hair. Breaking in hair is highest when it is wet and hair has absorbed some moisture. There are different test for testing the hair strengths which I will discuss. Hair breaking strength also differs across origin of hair as hair thickness and strength differs across countries.

Ideally, a well dried virgin hair does not break easily. As long as one takes good care when combine wet hair, or brushing it, hair breakage is not a problem.

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