All hair read Remy or Remi, one of the common question I am asked about from my clients. I am known hair extension entrepreneur. I love my pure Virgin Remy premium raw unprocessed human hair just like every hair business person does. But the above-mentioned question gave a quest of finding out the true story behind hair extension. The human hair trade is a very lucrative industry nowadays. It is growing with fast speed where scams and marketing ploys of every kind are there.

Every hair is said to be from India, but is it really? There are plenty of other places in the world which are said to be exporters of human hair like they call it Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair sometimes European hair too.  Among all the Indian hair is best and highly priced too, besides this the main advantage of Indian hair is that it is from the single donor and their cuticles are aligned in one direction only. So we can say that when the direction of cuticles are managed, hair becomes Remy and when cuticles are removed they become non-Remy.

India is the only place in the world that has commercial quantities from one billion people, and they as a ritual donate it to the temple. Donation of hair in front of God is a symbol of religious devotion and surrender of ego in India……that has turned into an extraordinary economic resource.

After ample research, I found that the demand for Indian hair is too high, but as it priced highly, not everyone is ready to have it, so they tag different name based on quality. Whenever they exhaust one name they tag another name on the product.

According to The Truth About the Human Hair Industry by Alix Moore, Brazilians do not sell their hair, nor do they cut it for profit or ritual. This goes with every country as India is the only country that fulfills the major demand for human hair extension in the world.

So how to check whether your locks are the real deal or not? It is quite difficult as the structure or hair cell are the same, the only pigmentation is different. Many manufacturers also put silicone and other chemicals to make them smooth. The methods to check the ethnicity of hair are:

1) Chinese and Korean manufacturers put the coating over hair so that hair doesn’t tangle, but as soon as they are washed or heated their coating goes away and they start tangling.

2 ) Chinese hair is sealed with chemicals so they are fantastic when the fingers run through it, but once they are washed or heated their smoothness goes.

In contrast to this Indian hair won’t tangle as:

  • Cuticles are in the same direction.
  • Hair is from the single donor.
  • Hair is double drawn.
  • No coating or chemicals are used.

At last, I will like to conclude that hair extension made from Indian hair is best and if used and maintained properly they last at least for two years. PRARVI deals with Virgin Remy Indian unprocessed hair and the highest quality manufacturers in the NYC area.


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