Hairstyles for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year when we conduct parties and events and genuinely be thankful for whatever we’ve been blessed to have. So With Thanksgiving comes a lot of parties. At every occasion, a lot of friends and family are invited. Looking best becomes something that is hard. A lot of my friends have asked me how to dress for these parties. And I always believe that a beautiful hairstyle with an elegant dress can go a long way. So here’s to all the women in dismay, these are a few styles one can try for these parties:

1) The bow on the head.
This style is gaining quite some momentum. This is where a huge bow is put onto the head. This isn’t just another bow, but a bow made out of hair. This is a style that is quite rarely done as one requires thick and straight hair to pull off this look. All one has to do is get many extensions of straight hair texture and use it on their existing hair. Or the bow can be accessorized and then clipped on to the hair. Getting the right color and texture of hair is the trick. If that part is taken care of, this style is a great look to try out.

2) The messy low bun
This is a look that is extremely beautiful and elegant when worn with simple dresses; which makes it the best look for any occasion, especially Thanksgiving. This would look pretty with long extensions. One has to take back the hair and tie it into a bun with many folds and make a messy bun. Pull out a few strands of hair from the front side of the face and you’re good to go.

3) The braided bun
The braided bun is another classic look that can be worn on occasion. Long hair extensions are perfect for this. The braids are made in a loose manner. Once the braids are done, they are taken to the lower or higher portion of the hair and made into a bun by turning it around.
Once the whole braid is turned and twisted into a bun, this bun can be then loosely held with pins. Extensions will make the bun look more full and thick.

4) The waves
The waves are a combination of the curly and straight hair that one possesses. This is perfect for those who have straight hair. This is because the portion where the hair starts can have the natural strand of hair and as it goes down, the curly hair can be pinned on to. So this style will have the look where it starts off with the straight hair and then it goes down to the curly wavy style. This helps you avoid heating products. This is probably one of the easiest styles one can try out with extensions.

This Thanksgiving, I feel we should all be thankful for the creation of extensions and wigs. Life has been made so much simpler with the existence of extensions. So this Thanksgiving, try out all the styles you like with the different types of extensions available.
Flaunt your look and make heads turn during these events!

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