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Women like to look good and can do whatever it takes to get there. Hair extensions are a dominant feature in hair styling now. Women find plenty of reasons to add clip-ins, weaves, extensions and such to their hair. The most beloved thing about them is that they are easy to take care of. Hair extensions are a common practice among a wide variety of people. While mainly cosmetic, there are many other reasons why men and women chose to apply hair extensions to their natural hair. From health concerns to a serious need for a new look, we bring you the top reasons why people wear hair extensions.1) Hair growth is a natural process; it takes time to achieve...

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Difference between frontal and closures

A common doubt that I often come across is “What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?”While most feel that they are one and the same, in reality, they are very different. So I thought I’ll write a blog and make you understand what the common differences are.To Begin with, 1) Size: The size of a frontal and a closure is different. Frontals are usually larger than closures. There are two types of frontals – ear to ear frontal and 360 frontals. Ear to ear frontals covers only that portion of your head that is from your left ear to your right ear and a 360 frontal covers the entire hairline. Hence frontals are larger because they cover...

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Where your hair extensions come from?

Are you curious to know where the hair extensions or weave come from? India, Brazil, Malaysia, and Peru? Does this come first to your mind? A. Brazilian - From Brazil B. Indian Remy - From India C. Peruvian - From Peru D. Malaysian - From Malaysia Most folks will think about the above sources. But this is not true except for Indian Hair.  While Brazilian hair is one of the most sold brands on the internet, Brazil hair export is negligible at about 300K US $ in 2015. The US imports 90% of its hair extensions from China. And China imports 85% of its hair from India and 5% from Japan. China imports lower quality fallen hair from India and sales it...

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