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Brazilian Hair Extensions - Do they exist?

One of the deepest mystery in hair extensions industry is the origin of Brazilian hair weave. A lot of articles have been written about it. Most of the articles on the origin of hair extensions has focused on walking the streets, meeting the people, plants, and factories. Almost all reporters and documentaries could not find the existence of Brazilian hair extension except some mentions of horse-tail. On the other hand, "Brazilian Hair" is a formidable brand. Everyone copies it, follows it and asks for it. If it never existed, where it came from. Given the talk, I asked a friend of mine to look closely at the data on hair trade of Brazil.  Brazil trade in hair has reduced significantly over the years....

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Defining Quality of Hair Extensions

After many discussions, explanations and questions with leading hair stylists, salon owners and participating in beauty shows, I wanted to organize my thinking and write on "How to define the quality of hair extensions."  Given that this is a long topic, I wanted to start writing this in a series of meaningful chunks.  Taking a very basic view of quality, I will start with the most fundamental aspect - Truth. Absence or presence of truth in the product is the hygiene factor in quality. This is the most challenging aspect of this product. The supply lines of the product are far outside of its main consumption geographies. The product changes many geographies, state and national boundaries before it reaches the final...

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