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Difference between frontal and closures

A common doubt that I often come across is “What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?”While most feel that they are one and the same, in reality, they are very different. So I thought I’ll write a blog and make you understand what the common differences are.To Begin with, 1) Size: The size of a frontal and a closure is different. Frontals are usually larger than closures. There are two types of frontals – ear to ear frontal and 360 frontals. Ear to ear frontals covers only that portion of your head that is from your left ear to your right ear and a 360 frontal covers the entire hairline. Hence frontals are larger because they cover...

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Indian Hair Extensions - Scaling up the technical production curve

Hair extensions add a lot of beauty to users and can be expensive to purchase. Indian hair extensions are the most natural, virgin and highest quality. Indian suppliers have been very primitive in technology till a few years back. While the quality of the product from raw material was great, the final outcome had poor technique. Despite the presence of a large source of the labor force, India extensions lacked finesse, quality, and durability. The best of human hair which mankind was having, were getting wasted away in poor products, bad customer management and lack of embrace of better practices.  The demand for extensions, however, had been growing. Customers were waking up to Indian hair but were confused on what...

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