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What is Non Remy Hair



Hair cuticles are very small tiny scales which are invisible to human eyes on our hair. These scales like feather are organized in one direction on our head. They play an important role in retaining moisture in our hair. When we bleach our hair, we open these cuticles using chemicals and then bleach the hair. When we condition our hair, we smooth out the cuticles so the hair becomes soft and shiny. 

The cuticles are always aligned in a similar dimension when it remains on our head. However, when we take the hair away from our head until we maintain the direction of the hair by tying it properly at the roots, chances are that we may end up mixing the hair directions. Once the hair direction is mixed, it can cause hair tangling because all the cuticles tangle with each other. That hair is called Non-Remy.

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Different types of hair

Hair texture, the starting edge of everything related to “HAIR”. Today I will like to quench the thirst of my readers about “What are different types of hair texture?” The texture of hair is determined by the thickness of the hair strand or its circumference or the condition of the cuticle.  One of the basic differences is that the circumference of fine hair is small and has a closed cuticle. Whereas coarse hair has a large circumference and the cuticle tends to be more open, making the hair to be more porous. Now we will study the three main type of hair texture in detail.

 Fine hair:

 * Fine hair looks almost translucent when held in the light.

* When a strand of fine hair is rolled between index finger and thumb, it is hardly felt; it would feel like a strand of silk.

* Fine hair has only two hair structures, namely the cuticle and the cortex.

* They look thin and tend to break easily.

*They can get damaged easily.

*They have the smooth consistency and are shiny, thus cannot hold hairstyles.

* It’s usually oilier than other textures and can often be over-moisturized as a result.

 Medium hair:

 *This hair texture is neither coarse nor fine.

* When the hair is rolled between index finger and thumb it feels like a cotton thread. It is neither tough nor stiff.

* This hair has two layers of hair structure, namely the cuticle and the cortex and might have medulla as well.

* They do not tend to break easily.

* They also have a bounce.

 Coarse hair:

 * Coarse hair strand when rolled between index finger and thumb, feels wiry and hard. We can actually hear hair as it is rolled back and forth.

* It is considered the strongest of all hair textures as it has the largest circumference.

* It has all three layers of the hair namely the cuticle, the medulla, and the cortex.

* They are rough and heavy; they tend to hold several hairstyles quite well.

* It contains lots of protein which can make it brittle/dry.

 Knowledge of hair texture is very necessary as if one knows about their type, it is very easy to choose any product, style, and various care methods for one's hair. PRARVI have hair extensions for almost all types of hair so that one can style themselves in the most natural look.

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When it comes to hair extensions there are varieties of options available in the market like Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian ……………… on. Every company throws a phrase claiming their hair to be the original, but as a layman, everyone has the right to know that they are getting a product worth their money and is best for them. Today, I felt like giving you the details of two main type of hair type, and to educate my readers so they can differentiate between the two and choose.


INDIAN HAIR The 100% Remy hair from India, which is used by PRARVI itself, is legitimately gathered from ethical sources. This hair is highest on market nowadays. Indian hair is the natural choice for many because of its versatility and ready availability on the market. It also has a very fine density. Not only is it naturally airy, bouncy and light but can also be styled and curled very easily. Even with just minimal hair products, this type of human hair is still able to move effortlessly. Its other property is the ability to blend perfectly with other hair textures. Naturally being a dark brown, it blends in with virtually all hair types, especially African American. Indian hair is available from the silky types to those that are slightly coarse.

BRAZILIAN HAIR It is the most counterfeited hair on the market. Generally, Asian hair is dyed to give Brazilian look. Brazilian hair is durable, but it also very dense, so it poses some limitations in terms of movement and styling. Curly Brazilian hair holds tighter curls, making them stiff and almost impossible to flat iron. Brazilian hair has a natural shine and low-to-medium luster. The texture of this type of hair also makes it less frizzy. For its durability, it is also very easy to maintain.

Who wins the race? If we compare both the two type of hair for better compatibility with African American hair, we will notice that they both blend well. Therefore, the Brazilian hair battle versus virgin Indian hair finishes with a tie. However, according to experts, Indian hair is much easy to maintain as it is naturally airy, bouncy and light. Moreover India is the only place in the world that has commercial quantities of hair from one billion people, and they as a ritual donate it to the temple (Donation of hair in front of God is a symbol of religious devotion and surrender of ego in India……that has turned into an extraordinary economic resource). While it is not the case with Brazilian hair, it is in limited quantity, so it is counterfeited most. PRARVI deals in the ethically collected unprocessed Indian virgin Remy hair.

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Grey hair is no longer something to hide. Silver hair hues are taking over social media and celebrity are like giving grey a go. Hair stylists are noticing a rise in requests for these modern hair phenomena, Grey is the new blonde! We can't wait to see this hot trend hitting the catwalks and high streets this season. If you are looking for a change and want to experiment with different shades or tones then this is the perfect look for you. Anyone wishing to go for this color must be aware that lightening your hair to this tone can weaken it, so the best option is to use hair extensions.

The epic battle between blondes and brunettes has always been acute, but there’s a new player making waves in the hair game. These hair color ideas are for young girls and brave guys. Some trendy shades and styles that can be tried in grey hair are as follows:

Neutral Grey - Blue streaks spreading out over grey hair would be stunning for any occasion and in any setting. One of the benefits of the grey hair trend is that it can take on other more pronounced hues.

Silver Spice - As the wave lengthens and loosens throughout the day, a subtle aesthetic is born – a bonus for the style. The grey hair trend accompanied by a streak of red enhances this gorgeous hair color.

Ombre Flair - There is nothing more appealing to the eye than a perfect ombre or shadow effect. Here, the silver hair trend is given major life with this exquisite coloring.

Light and dark contrast - Loose waves add a visually intriguing dimension to gray tresses. The grey hair trend looks exceptionally fabulous on lengthier locks. The waves create an interactive light and dark contrast that changes according to the lighting and movement of the hair.

Unique Retro Blend - Add your own color to the style, a complementing blue, and purple highlight mix gives the grey color an extra personal touch.

Gothic Gray - Black and silver rendezvous on the dark side of the gray hair trend to punk this blunt bob up. The gray color softly and effortlessly blended with the dark strands, this style will set apart from the others rocking the latest color trend.

Arctic Layers – Gray hair adds an inherent flair of mystery to any woman daring enough to try it. The impression of the Arctic with a hint of snow complemented with dark roots and the layered light grey hair in front, this style creates a fascinating and mystical look.

Raven Goddess - Going grey does not have to be a full-on venture – adding a touch of grey highlights to raven locks easily puts you on trend. Hints of gray and blue ombre draw the eye on the tips of the hair.

Bold Purple and Gray Balayage - Purple is a strong complementary color to any hairstyle. Finalize your “beyond the sea” look by adding a soft ocean wave to the tresses.

Ash Gray Ombre - Nothing enriches a beautiful grey hair dye job like texture.  Ash and grey color ombre is the perfect combination.

Blue Steel Waves - The seamless blue-green highlights in the grey hair are really heart taking, be bold and go for it.

Go along with trendsetters leading the grey hair movement. After all, grey is gorgeous a new slogan is in the air. Prarvi provides the best quality grey hair to enhance the look of today.

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Hair extensions care tips in winter.

Winter is quite a tough time for human hair extensions. The cold conditions prevailing leave the extensions dry and brittle by sucking out the moisture from the hair. Extra care and attention are needed towards the extensions to prevent the damage in winters. Today I will like to suggest some care tips for human hair extensions that must be taken to maintain the natural texture and shine of extensions.

1) Winter friendly hair products :
One of the worst effects of cold climate is, it takes away the moisture from the locks making them dry and brittle. Stock up yourself with hydrating shampoos and conditioners. These products infuse moisture into your hair to maintain the natural shine and glow even if winter is snatching the moisture.

2) Less shampoo, more conditioning :
Although human extensions should be washed less all the year round, the frequency of washing them with shampoo should lessen down in winters than usual. Rather they should be conditioned more to avoid dryness. In fact, I would say deep condition your hair once a week.

3) Limit heat styling :
One of the best advantages of human hair extensions is that they can be styled like our own hair. Heated indoor make extensions more vulnerable to dryness in winters, so the use of heat styling method should be minimized as they add extra dryness to your hair, making them worse in the rough time of winters, let them air dry.

4) Brush daily :
Brush your extensions like normal hair daily. Brushing will help to distribute the natural oils from your scalp to extensions. These natural oils are necessary to keep your extensions healthy and moisturized.

5) Don’t go out with wet hair:
It’s a major no to go out with wet hair extensions as it will freeze your hair making it more vulnerable to breaking. If your hair is exposed to snow, detangle them slowly.
Besides these general care tips, you can nourish your hair with some healthy natural oils like olive, jojoba, and avocado, to provide essential nutrients to extensions. PRARVI deals in Indian virgin Remy unprocessed hair extensions and all the above tips, if well followed give them the great life and look.

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Ombre hair extensions


Ombre hair means giving hair a shaded effect by keeping a darker color at roots and gradually lightening it down at the end. The effect this creates a mesmerizing effect. It is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. Prarvi extension designs Ombre extensions that give the latest look of today.
I am a great lover of ombre collections and constantly try new colors in it. Actually, there are plenty of reasons to be in love with it. Today I will love to discuss the magic of ombre extensions and reasons to make it a necessity for you.
1) Ombre hair is stylish and trendy - Solid hair shades are great and all, but sometimes, it can get a little boring... Well getting Ombre or balayage hair is one of the most subtle ways to do that, while still seeing the difference.
2) Ombre hair is very eye catchy – Once combinations of shades right, an Ombre Hair Extension can give hair never-before dynamism, depth and personality. Ombre color transitions can make your crown look magical.
3) Ombre provides different look - Ombre Hair Extensions are versatile color-wise, which gives an unmatched freedom to try on different styles and shades to gel with the occasion.
4) Ombre easily blends with natural hair - It easily mixes with one’s natural hair. An Ombre Hair Extension is the best bet for achieving a natural appearance for one who has dark hair. It blends seamlessly with natural hair.
5) Ombre is versatile - An Ombre Hair Extension will work for short, medium length or long hair. What’s more, it makes you creative by matching the highlights to eye color, the shape of face and wardrobe.
6) Ombre is pocket-friendly – It is more economical than traditional hair dying and touching-up session. Secondly, they are low maintenance, and therefore essentially a one-time investment – not a recurring costs. All of this adds up to substantial savings, especially over the long run.
7) Ombre is safe - An Ombre Hair Extension does away with the semi-permanent or permanent dyes that can damage one’s hair.
8) Ombre is zero-commitment - It’s easy to switch back to original color after an Ombre Hair Extension – no endless wait is there.
9) Ombre is forever - While most color treatments ultimately lose their luster and fade away, Ombre hair extensions are created through a special dying process that makes them durable and really long lasting.
Do you also love Ombre Hair Extensions? Have you tried it yet? How do you like wearing your hair with Ombre? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! You know we love hearing from you!

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Hair Extensions care

Things to take care of while using extensions
Extensions help us in so many different ways. It helps us try to out various styles and also help us achieve all those looks that we once thought was impossible. It’s not always just about finding the right texture and the right color for the extension but it’s also about handling it the right way. As so many have kept asking these questions of ‘what must one think about and take care of while using extensions’, I’ve decided to write about it.
Here are some of the common and easy ways one can handle their extensions:
1) Extensions should be handled with care. Just like natural hair, extensions to have the risk of being damaged at the ends. The breakage of hair is something that everyone must be aware of and careful of. Just like one takes care of their natural hair, extensions must be taken care of in the exact same way. Using it in a rash manner and by tightly tying up the hair, hair and the extensions can get damaged to a large extent. One must make sure that doesn’t happen.

2) It must also be made sure that you attach it to your hair in the right manner. Each extension has a particular way of being attached to one’s hair. They are called techniques and it is very important for one to find out the right technique of using an extension. If one does not use the right technique, extreme discomfort will be felt and it becomes extremely difficult to continue using the extension. They usually advise to not attach the extension close to the scalp. This is cause the chances of breakage and damage are more when it is attached that way.

3) Always try getting the first set of extensions done with a professional who has experience or at the least has a better idea than you, in attaching extensions. This is cause one must know all the techniques and ways you can put it up on the hair. If one is trying this out for the first time, they must be humble enough to understand how extensions work and are patient enough to learn it. Having a session with any of the professionals would help give them a clearer idea of how extensions work on the whole.

4) Last but not the least, there are various things one has to take care of when they talk about extensions. Extensions have to be treated equivalently to one’s own natural hair. Brushing extensions can increase the lifespan of each extension. Proper care in untangling it and by keeping it smooth can always make it easier to use. Also as I always mention, heating products should be avoided while using extensions. It is wise to keep extensions away from chlorine and one must make sure they do not use conditioner and other chemicals near the roots.

Extensions have always helped us pull off any look that we desire. So it is our duty to make sure that we try and do as much as we can to use it in the right and correct way. These tips will give everyone an idea as to how extensions must be used and how easily it can be used.
Make sure one takes proper care while using extensions and handles it in the right way.
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Hairstyles for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year when we conduct parties and events and genuinely be thankful for whatever we’ve been blessed to have. So With Thanksgiving comes a lot of parties. At every occasion, a lot of friends and family are invited. Looking best becomes something that is hard. A lot of my friends have asked me how to dress for these parties. And I always believe that a beautiful hairstyle with an elegant dress can go a long way. So here’s to all the women in dismay, these are a few styles one can try for these parties:

1) The bow on the head.
This style is gaining quite some momentum. This is where a huge bow is put onto the head. This isn’t just another bow, but a bow made out of hair. This is a style that is quite rarely done as one requires thick and straight hair to pull off this look. All one has to do is get many extensions of straight hair texture and use it on their existing hair. Or the bow can be accessorized and then clipped on to the hair. Getting the right color and texture of hair is the trick. If that part is taken care of, this style is a great look to try out.

2) The messy low bun
This is a look that is extremely beautiful and elegant when worn with simple dresses; which makes it the best look for any occasion, especially Thanksgiving. This would look pretty with long extensions. One has to take back the hair and tie it into a bun with many folds and make a messy bun. Pull out a few strands of hair from the front side of the face and you’re good to go.

3) The braided bun
The braided bun is another classic look that can be worn on occasion. Long hair extensions are perfect for this. The braids are made in a loose manner. Once the braids are done, they are taken to the lower or higher portion of the hair and made into a bun by turning it around.
Once the whole braid is turned and twisted into a bun, this bun can be then loosely held with pins. Extensions will make the bun look more full and thick.

4) The waves
The waves are a combination of the curly and straight hair that one possesses. This is perfect for those who have straight hair. This is because the portion where the hair starts can have the natural strand of hair and as it goes down, the curly hair can be pinned on to. So this style will have the look where it starts off with the straight hair and then it goes down to the curly wavy style. This helps you avoid heating products. This is probably one of the easiest styles one can try out with extensions.

This Thanksgiving, I feel we should all be thankful for the creation of extensions and wigs. Life has been made so much simpler with the existence of extensions. So this Thanksgiving, try out all the styles you like with the different types of extensions available.
Flaunt your look and make heads turn during these events!

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4 ways to flaunt pink hair extensions

Pink is a color that women usually love. But pink is also the color that women are trying to use with extensions and wigs. I’ve talked to a lot of women that go to parlor and color their hair. They spend hours at the parlor and also have to incur a lot of cost on acquiring that look. This is not just a waste of time and money but also destroys the natural look of one’s hair. Using a lot of chemicals on one’s hair would definitely ruin the texture of it. And also the added risk that one has to bear is the way the look would suit them. This is why I always recommend women to use extensions. This helps them acquire the look and also saves their time, effort and money.
Here are some of the most commonly used techniques of pink hair extensions:

1) Highlights
This is the basic hairstyle that most use when they think of colored hair. While most of them go to expensive salons to color certain portions of their hair in a particular color, others take the easier way out by using extensions. Extensions serve the same purpose. Instead of spending a huge amount of money to experiment with a particular color, the risk is reduced when they use extensions of the same color and with no chemicals used on the hair. This is a healthier and cheaper way of trying out the same style that you would’ve gotten at the salon.

2) End it pink
This is a hairstyle or a style that has been quite trending. Here, only the lower ends of the hair are colored.
Pink is a very bright color by itself could help one in turning more heads than they usually do. Wigs and extensions of this type are quite in demand. Chemicals of dying the hair can damage hair to a large extent. Using extensions where it’s a combination of your original hair color and that of pink can bring about a drastic difference in the style that you’re portraying.

3) Shading it up
There are a variety of shades when it comes to the color pink. The darker, medium and the lighter colors can all be used in different ways. One can either use the various different shades in the same strand of hair or use it on different portions of the hair. The idea is to bring out a different yet daring look on everyone. Pink having the tinge of brightness hidden within it, this style would definitely bring out the confidence that most women would love to flaunt off.

4) Go pink 
As mentioned in the previous blogs, the trend right now is to go confidently on various levels by trying out colored hair. And this just isn’t by highlighting a portion of the hair or by coloring a bit of it. This involves one fully coloring their entire hair with a particular, unique, different color. The idea is to look different from the crowd. Many use this color to also symbolize a lot of other inner hidden meanings. Pink wigs are the best for these. As always recommended, for daring styles like these, one can easily just use the wigs or extensions to experiment and look confident!
This style is not just daring, but also different. There are various ways in which one can flaunt this style. Few have been mentioned above, but the outcome is worth everything. So bring out the daring and confident side of you by going pink. This is definitely going to make some heads turn!

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Hair Extensions Truths

Extensions and styles

Halloween styles using extensions and wigs
Halloween is a celebration that all of us truly wait for. We put in weeks of efforts into the costumes and have a gala time at all the Halloween parties held. This Halloween makes your outfits look extra special with the beautiful yet mindblowing hairstyles you can try with the extensions and wigs available to you.
1. The Spider Web
This is one of the simplest yet most effective hairstyles that can be used for Halloween. Use all your hair and make a bun on the top part of your head. Using clip-in extensions of your same hair color and texture, braid them up and pin it across your head in a zigzag manner, making it look like a spider’s web. You can search for various spider clips of try attaching small fake spiders on your hair to give it a spookier look.

2. The mermaid look
Another costume that’s quite widely used is that of the mermaid. This is a costume that allows you to look beautiful and yet again allows you to explore the spookiness of the costume. Mermaids are often visualized with really long and wavy hair. This look can be pulled off using the long hair extensions that are available. Long wavy haired wigs are also the best for this look.
Any color wig or extension can be used for this. Also, extensions of smaller length can be used to create various things like flowers and be clipped on to the hair.

3. The Villain
Dress up as an antagonist with a very creepy and evil look. An evil soul with dark makeup is another great look. One can go for the traditional evil look by wearing the only black. This style can in the following way. Part your hair through the middle of your forehead. Use a light-colored extension to cover one side of your head ( probably white ) and a dark-colored extension on the other side ( probably black ) to give out a very evil look. Pair it up with black clothes and black lipstick, and you can very well pull off this evil, villain look.

4. Multicolor
You can use a variety of multi-colored or rainbow colored extensions to create any look. Using a rainbow-colored wig or using different shades of colors and creating a character is again a great way to set yourself up for Halloween. A simple one could be that on a unicorn. Get different shades of color and a horn to be placed on your forehead, and you’re good to go.
Experiment various colors together and create characters that can stand out of the lot.

5. Frankenstein look
No Halloween is complete without depicting Frankenstein’s look. The trick is to use long dark hair extensions or a very dark colored wig. One should tie their hair behind in a huge bun which moderately resembles the hair of Frankenstein. The most important part of this look is that one should use a grey extension and clip it on to the portion right above the right ear. This grey hair should also be taken while making the look perfect. It is to represent the streak of grey hair on Frankenstein’s hair. This is a great look to try out this Halloween!

Halloween is the time when family and friends get together and conduct parties. This Halloween try one of these styles and stand out from the crowd with your creativity. All you need are a few extensions and a bunch of creative ideas. This Halloween what treats are you going to dress up as?
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