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Some of the best methods known are:


There are three different of hair being used for extensions – human, animal and synthetic.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are extensions made from natural hair donated by individuals willingly. This includes all different types of races such as Indian, African, Asian and so on. The highest quality hair is from India, where the hair is donated as a sign of worship.

Animal Hair Extensions

The most popular animal hair that is used is from yak, horse, sheep or even goats. Although for a layman, to find the difference is difficult but an expert can easily figure out the difference between the animal hair and human hair. Generally, animal hair is very rarely used on its own but is more often mixed with human hair. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions

They are made from synthetic or nylon fiber. The synthetic fiber is heated and made into strands of hair. They don’t have cuticles so given artificial shine. Synthetic hair pieces can be found in a wide variety of colors from natural looking to totally cartoon-like.

When it comes to hair extensions there are varieties of options available in the market like Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian ……………… on. Every company throws a phrase claiming their hair to be original, but as a layman, everyone has the right to know that they are getting a product worth their money and is best for them. Today, I felt like giving you the details of two main type of hair type, and to educate my readers so they can differentiate between two and choose.


The 100% Remy hair from India, which is used by PRARVI itself, is legitimately gathered from ethical sources. This hair is highest on market nowadays.

Indian hair is the natural choice for many because of its versatility and ready availability on the market. It also has a very fine density. Not only is it naturally airy, bouncy and light but can also be styled and curled very easily. Indian hair can be maintained with minimal hair products and it last long effortlessly. Its other property is the ability to blend perfectly with other hair textures. Naturally being a dark brown, it blends in with virtually all hair types, especially African American. Indian hair is available from the silky types to those that are slightly coarse.


It is the most counterfeited hair on the market. Generally, Asian hair is dyed to give Brazilian look. Brazilian hair is durable, but it also very dense, so it poses some limitations in terms of movement and styling. Curly Brazilian hair holds tighter curls, making them stiff and almost impossible to flat iron. Brazilian hair has a natural shine and low-to-medium luster. The texture of this type of hair also makes it less frizzy. For its durability, it is also very easy to maintain.

PRARVI deals in the ethically collected unprocessed Indian virgin Remy hair.

A frontal hairpiece is used when wearing wigs, weaves or hair extension pieces. The frontal encloses the entire front area of the head from temple to temple right at the hairline and can be parted freely. Another popular trend is 360 frontal around the head circumference giving a complete natural hairline. The purpose of wearing a frontal hairpiece is to protect the hairline from damage and provide maximum versatility when it comes to style hair extensions.
Whereas closure is a tiny piece of Indian Remy hair combined with a thin piece of lace. It is used either to cover the gap left by human hair wefts or in order to cover the crown area, closure gives a great effect.

Which is better, Weaves or wigs....what to know or choose, how are they different. 
A wig is a hairpiece that is placed on top of the head. There are various types of wigs like full cover wigs, medical wigs, lace wigs to clip-on. A wig is for everyone men, women and children.
Weave hair extensions are extensions used giving fuller and longer looks in hair. They are applied on natural hair by bonding or tracking. Bonding is when hair glue is used to add weaves and in tracking the weaves are sewn in the braided hair of the scalp.
Both options are good, all depends on the need. So which extension is best, assess and purchase. Also just look for the best hair extension suppliers present. PRARVI provides the best and the highest quality hair extensions.

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