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About hair extensions and quality

How to check quality of hair extensions?

Some of the best methods known are:

What are the different types of hair used in extensions?

There are three different of hair being used for extensions – human, animal and synthetic.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are extensions made from natural hair donated by individuals willingly. This includes all different types of races such as Indian, African, Asian and so on. The highest quality hair is from India, where the hair is donated as a sign of worship.

Animal Hair Extensions

The most popular animal hair that is used is from yak, horse, sheep or even goats. Although for a layman, to find the difference is difficult but an expert can easily figure out the difference between the animal hair and human hair. Generally, animal hair is very rarely used on its own but is more often mixed with human hair. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions

They are made from synthetic or nylon fiber. The synthetic fiber is heated and made into strands of hair. They don’t have cuticles so given artificial shine. Synthetic hair pieces can be found in a wide variety of colors from natural looking to totally cartoon-like.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Indian hair?

When it comes to hair extensions there are varieties of options available in the market like Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian ……………… on. Every company throws a phrase claiming their hair to be original, but as a layman, everyone has the right to know that they are getting a product worth their money and is best for them. Today, I felt like giving you the details of two main type of hair type, and to educate my readers so they can differentiate between two and choose.


The 100% Remy hair from India, which is used by PRARVI itself, is legitimately gathered from ethical sources. This hair is highest on market nowadays.

Indian hair is the natural choice for many because of its versatility and ready availability on the market. It also has a very fine density. Not only is it naturally airy, bouncy and light but can also be styled and curled very easily. Indian hair can be maintained with minimal hair products and it last long effortlessly. Its other property is the ability to blend perfectly with other hair textures. Naturally being a dark brown, it blends in with virtually all hair types, especially African American. Indian hair is available from the silky types to those that are slightly coarse.


It is the most counterfeited hair on the market. Generally, Asian hair is dyed to give Brazilian look. Brazilian hair is durable, but it also very dense, so it poses some limitations in terms of movement and styling. Curly Brazilian hair holds tighter curls, making them stiff and almost impossible to flat iron. Brazilian hair has a natural shine and low-to-medium luster. The texture of this type of hair also makes it less frizzy. For its durability, it is also very easy to maintain.

PRARVI deals in the ethically collected unprocessed Indian virgin Remy hair.

What is the difference between frontal and closures?

A frontal hairpiece is used when wearing wigs, weaves or hair extension pieces. The frontal encloses the entire front area of the head from temple to temple right at the hairline and can be parted freely. Another popular trend is 360 frontal around the head circumference giving a complete natural hairline. The purpose of wearing a frontal hairpiece is to protect the hairline from damage and provide maximum versatility when it comes to style hair extensions.
Whereas closure is a tiny piece of Indian Remy hair combined with a thin piece of lace. It is used either to cover the gap left by human hair wefts or in order to cover the crown area, closure gives a great effect.

Which is better Weaves or Wigs?

Which is better, Weaves or wigs....what to know or choose, how are they different. 
A wig is a hairpiece that is placed on top of the head. There are various types of wigs like full cover wigs, medical wigs, lace wigs to clip-on. A wig is for everyone men, women and children.
Weave hair extensions are extensions used giving fuller and longer looks in hair. They are applied on natural hair by bonding or tracking. Bonding is when hair glue is used to add weaves and in tracking the weaves are sewn in the braided hair of the scalp.
Both options are good, all depends on the need. So which extension is best, assess and purchase. Also just look for the best hair extension suppliers present. PRARVI provides the best and the highest quality hair extensions.

What is the difference between Virgin and Non Remy hair?

Indian Remy hair is largely sourced from temple auctions. Each year the temple sells around 30-40 MM US$ worth of hair. Hair companies purchase the hair in bulk at the temple auction, clean it and wash it to sell as hair extensions in the market. The bulk of high-quality Indian hair is imported in the USA and Europe. 

As a buyer of hair extension, this information is very valuable. As I connect the dots, the hair sold at source is only 30-40MM $ where total hair product import of US alone is upwards of 1.5 BN $.

Where is this additional hair coming from? 

 A large part of the hair comes from the export of raw hair which is non-Remy and is processed in China. The non-Remy hair becomes part of cheaper hair extensions which are sold in different geographic names like Brazilian Hair Extensions or Peruvian. 

Thus, it is very critical for the buyer to realize that reliable and accurate testing of hair extension is important. Prarvi has been working on developing few methods for testing hair extensions with scientists and experts.

Why are some wigs cheap then PRARVI?

PRARVI wig are very different from others. The first basic difference in wigs is the hair type. If the hair is natural virgin hair, it is much pricier than synthetic wigs. The second price difference is the use of natural front lace which is hand tied. If the front lace is hand tied and is natural looking, it adds more cost to the wig. The third major difference is whether a wig is a full lace or front lace. Full lace wigs require the much larger area to be hand tied. Front lace wigs typically using wefted hair which is stitched in the back portion. Fourth price difference comes from the color of the hair. As hair color becomes lighter, it becomes expensive as it needs to be bleached. During the bleaching process, hair loses weight so more hair weight is required to do the same quantity. Fifth price difference comes from the curls in the hair. Steam or natural curls both are more expensive compared to a basic wig. 

What is the difference between pack and bundle in hair extensions?

Packs are primarily moving via the traditional supply chain of beauty supply stores. They are done by large companies which are using non-remy hair and selling it in packs as brands. The hair quality in packs is typically cheaper compared to virgin hair.

The hair industry was earlier primarily using Kanekalon fiber and later slowly incorporated multiple products. This industry than slowly moved to china with cheaper Chinese labor. The retail stores selling pack hair were still controlled by Koreans. Over time, the Chinese started opening small companies of them and used channels like Ali baba and Ali express to sell bundles and small quantities to USA creating an alternative supply chain.

Earlier the quantity of bundle hair was better compared to packs as the cost of supply chain was lower. While both the supply chains primarily supplied non Remy products, the quantity ratios were better in Bundles. Thus, the cost of bundle hair per piece was lower compared to packed hair.

The alternative source of bundle hair is India where few select companies like Natural Indian Virgin Remy Hair Wigs or Extensions started marketing of virgin hair as bundles but building their overall brand outside of the retail supply chain. This hair sold as bundle hair primarily goes to hair stylists and salons that rebrand and sell it as their product. Lot of hair stylists and salons join the partner or wholesaler program Wholesale Hair Extensions: Indian hair manufacturer Indian Hair Vendor and resell the hair. The advantage of the bundle is that it is a White Label product and can be resold as individual brand.

So while there is no clear quality difference between bundled hair and packed hair, sourcing it correctly from right supplier of bundled hair can allow hair stylists / salons to build their own brand. While doing it wrongly and going to ali express etc, can ruin their brand reputation.

What are some long lasting hair extensions?

Hair extensions life depends on few criteria.

  • Installation methods
  • Quality of hair
  • How you take care of it after installation

If you purchase authentic virgin hair extensions which are from high quality vendor like  Natural Indian Virgin Remy Hair Wigs or Extensions , the extensions can last a long time as long as you take care of the installation with a good stylists and take good care of it after install.

Which one is better, wigs or hair extensions?

Extensions were more popular compared to Wigs earlier. But with quality of front lace wigs at decent level, the wigs are also being used quite a lot at higher end of market with real hair. Most stylists prefer extensions as they like to work on the hair after install. For lighter hair fashion, wigs are sufficient. For styling and lot of good fashion, prefer extensions.

What are Indian hair extensions?

Most hair extensions in this world originate in India. There are two categories of hair which come from India. One is called Remy which primarily comes from temples and is unprocessed or raw hair. Other hair is fallen hair which is exported mainly to china for processing and re-exports to US / other markets as Brazilian hair. I have published a great detail about the sourcing of hair extensions using international trade data here Where your hair extensions come from?

Is the human hair extension industry ethical?

Most of it is coming from voluntary donations in Indian temple or collection of fallen hair by households and selling it via a supply chain to china. There is some bit of challenge in China where the cost of labor went up and they started using North Korean labor to reduce cost especially for closures and frontals. However outside of that, it is a very labor intensive work and creates a lot of jobs for families in India, Bangladesh (mainly hair cleansing and toupee making), Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Is straight hair a lot more like wavy hair than curly hair?

There are differing point views on level of curliness and its explanation especially when it relates Afro curls. Some theories state that curls are influenced by fibrous hair protein called Keratin. These proteins in hair form disulfide bonds with other sulfur containing molecules again Keratin. Curly hair has more of the disulfide bonds compared to straight hair. However, this explanation has multiple nuances about presence and location of the bonds on surface etc.

Coming to everyday parlance, I sell straight hair which is considered as silky straight vs. natural wave which has slight waviness to it at Natural Indian Virgin Remy Hair Wigs or Extensions. In my world, the substitution between a straight and wavy hair is more compared to straight and curly and even wavy and curly.

So yes, they are more like Wavy hair than curly hair.

Where can I find the best hair extensions on affordable prices?

Best hair extensions are always affordable on a long term usage. If you are looking for good quality hair extensions, you need to look for raw hair which is primarily human hair without any treatment done. Those hair extensions are available at slightly more expensive prices compared to cuticle free hair, but they are unlikely to tangle or shed or cause any other problems and in long term use they are totally more reasonable. They are one time spend.

Is one single human hair really enough to create a clone?

Most of the hair is made of Keratin which does not have any cells and hence no DNA. The root follicle may have DNA but again once a cell is dead, the DNA breaks down in pieces and the copies of DNA may not be good enough for cloning. Hence, the answer is No.

What is Virgin hair?

The term refers to human hair which is in its original state, as it is collected directly from the donor; it has not been permed, colored, or chemically processed. This hair is carefully cut from the grower, cuticle going in the same direction and they are preserved to maximize its special quality. Collecting the hair in this manner takes more time, which contributes to the high price of this hair. Virgin hair can be of any ethnicity, but the best quality hair is of Indian temple origin. It is the most expensive hair of all because it is not plenty. In spite of the high cost, top-quality Virgin Indian hair wigs are in high demand by those who wish to wear only the finest. 
Prarvi uses high quality Virgin hair that is best on market.

What is perming? Why is PRARVI perm different from others?

The process of adding permanent curls or wave to hair.  It can either re-shape curls that already exist or add curls to straight hair.  The head is wrapped in cylinder-shaped perm rods, and then the hair bonds are broken down and rebuilt in the shape of the perm rod. Generally the chemicals are used to perm hair.
Prarvi uses normal steam to perm hair. It maintain the natural character of hair, it also ensure long life of extensions.

What is double drawn and single drawn hair?

Double drawn hair means that within a bundle, the majority of shorter hair is removed and replaced with long hair of the same length. This work is done by hand, not machines. This process increases the quality of hair extension and provides fuller volume. If you purchase 18” extension, 80% hair will be of 18” and remaining 20% will be of 14” and 16”. The hair thickness will be same from root to tip, giving U shape at the bottom of the hair. This weft is the most popular. Double drawn hair will allow your style to be full as well.

Single drawn hair is a standard thickness that many extensions are available in and very popular choice. It is obtained as a ponytail from a single donor. A standard bundle of single drawn hair contains 50% full length and 50% varied length hair in extensions for example in a bundle of 18” hair extensions, around 50% hair length will be 18” and the remaining 50% will be 14” and 16”. It means that the hair will be thick at the top and then taper off slightly towards the end, giving V shape at the bottom of the hair. Single drawn hair is the most common extension as less work is involved in processing and low cost.

Prarvi deals in both of them it all depends on the customer and prices paid as double drawn are slightly more priced then single drawn.

What is the difference between bulk hair and bundles?

A bundle is a commonly used word in the hair industry.  When we purchase hair, it either comes in a plastic packet with the hair held in place or the weft will be rolled together with a ribbon around it making it look like a bundle of hair. Whereas bulk hair is term used for loose commercial hair. This hair is used for creating wefts or for services like fusion. It is packed loose. It is mostly utilized for braiding as well as strand by strand application. Prarvi had both of them in high quality

What is the difference between wefts and bundles?

Wefts are the temporary hair extensions which are glued into the one’s own hair.
Whereas a bundle is a commonly used word in the hair industry.  When we purchase hair, it either comes in a plastic packet with the hair held in place or the weft will be rolled together with a ribbon around it making it look like a bundle of hair. Prarvi had both of them in high quality.

What are baby hairs?

Baby hairs are those small wispy hairs on hairline that are often very fine and a bit unruly. As a result, those baby hairs are often a different texture than the rest of the hair on the heads. These baby hair gives natural look to hair extensions. Prarvi uses baby hair in their extensions.