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About hair extensions and suitability

What are the common shade of Blonde popular nowadays?

Some of the most common shades of blonde hair extensions that are preferred.

  1. Dark Blonde Extensions
  2.  Light Golden Extensions
  3.  Light Blonde Extensions
  4.  Lightest Blonde Extensions

These extensions come in the form of the clip in and tape in extensions. One must know which color and what type that suits them the best. Some hair extensions of blonde color may also be merged with other colors to give in a trendier look.

What are the factors to be considered while shopping for Virgin hair extensions?

The factors which should be kept in mind while purchasing Virgin hair extensions are:

  1. Wefts
  2. Weight
  3. 100% Human Hair
  4. Remy or Non-Remy
  5. Single Donor or Multiple
  6. Single or Double Drawn
  7. Colored or bleached
  8. Styling

The above-discussed factors need to be considered when you are purchasing hair extensions, do not make a quick decision until you know what you want. Do proper research before purchasing.

What hair extensions does Ariana Grande use?

She is using Pony Tail. I don’t know the brand. But it looks very nice.

I have sold my extensions to few celebrities including Cindy Lau per. I sell the high quality #613 hand tied or single weft for use by them. I have also sold to Celebrity Talia which she has used in her performance.

The #613 Remy is typical choice of stylists for celebrities as it allows them to color the hair to the tone they want.

What were the wigs made out of?

A covering for the whole head made from real or synthetic hair. The term used to describe any hairpiece with a full cap which covers the hair on the head, or the entire area where hair normally grows, as a substitute for hair. The purpose of a wig is to create your ideal look. Wigs can be made from synthetic hair or human hair depending on the client requirements.

What is the break through that allows chopped hair to be sewed back on scalp via extension beats?

In the world of hair extensions, we don’t use chopped hair but ethically sourced hair which comes from willing donors. The hair is sewn back as wefts or depending on the type of your base hair as micro links or tape or clip-on’s. I am not aware that there is any technology breakthrough on chopped hair. Our hair extensions Natural Indian Virgin Remy Hair Wigs or Extensions are used only as wefts or tapes or micro links.

Why Indian temple hair best on market nowadays?

Indian hair is seen to be the best hair available worldwide. It is strong, thick, healthy and in virgin condition. Temple’s hair is the most ethical source of human hair extension. Such hair is shaved directly from the hair of individual donor. Some women in Hindu temples, in the special ceremony, offer their hair in order to get rewarded with special blessings. Temple hair is not only hand sorted but is also bundled and washed and it sun-dried. It does not use any chemical during the process and the customer receives it in its natural form. PRARVI uses the only temple donated Indian hair in extensions.