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Business start ups

How PRARVI is adding capabilities and product lines to support Salons / Hair Stylists?

Prarvi manufacturing of hair and hair pieces is focused on providing quality services, products and income addition to hair stylists and salons. We started with an idea that high-quality products will attract repeated business for our clients and hence we focused on that. We have overtime added variety of schemes and products lines to support the needs of the hair-stylists and salon owners. We have upgraded our quality further and added new capabilities in India for the manufacturing of complex wigs. I come from a background in chemical engineering, so I could understand hair from that perspective. But over time, I developed my deep insight in designing and understanding the hair products and built high-quality net sourcing. I developed clearer patterns of knotting of hairs and precise lines of hair patterns for invisible front lines. I further added manufacturing of front lace, full lace and all other patterns in India when everyone around me said that you should manufacture this in China. It has been a fascinating journey of knowledge, design, and capability to build out for me to manufacture complex hair pieces. I am still perfecting the art and science of wig measurements, hair loss piece measurements and converting them into the best possible design with right mechanical and aesthetic properties. While purchasing from China could have been a very easy route, I was never sure that I will be able to make a quality promise to my clients. My promise to be true to myself never allowed me to take shortcuts on the manufacturing side and I think that has what has led to the popularity of my brand, my client's businesses and the success that Prarvi has achieved over last 30 months. 

What are the key points that have to be kept in mind while starting a hair business?

The most important critical factors of doing any business is having good knowledge of the product, sourcing and finding the right supplier partners who can stand with you, guarantee the product quality, and are willing to listen to your concerns.

  1. What is the product you want to source?
  2. What different type of qualities exist in the product?
  3. Is your supplier sufficiently transparent to you or singing common names like Brazilian, Peruvian or Malaysian which even does not exist? 
  4. Do you understand the difference between the variety of hair types?
  5. What is the process of hair sourcing, quality control and texture creation your supplier follow?
  6. Is your supplier also making any value-added product like colored hair or Wigs?
  7. How strong is the reputation of your supplier?
  8. Is the supplier in the USA or overseas? Is he/she registered in the USA for selling the product?
  9. Is your wholesaler having a manufacturing plant or not?

Do hair extension startups make money?

Whom you partner with, how you sell and what is your expectation from a business are all critical. But there are a lot of hair extensions startups who have no idea on what the product is and they fall in trap of suppliers which are unscrupulous and purchase poor quality inventory on cheap prices. Most of these new startups end up losing customers as the hair quality is not good and customer can buy this product from Chinese suppliers directly.

If you have the right partner, who is willing to help and support you with right quality products, than only you can make money. I work with 100s of successful partners (Wholesale Hair Extensions: Indian hair manufacturer Indian Hair Vendor) and find that key to success is in right customer service coupled with right supplier.