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Types of Extensions

What are Platinum Blonde extensions?

Platinum blonde hair color is the lightest in all the shades of blonde. It’s in the latest and trendy fashion. The most important reason for the increasing market of 613 is that this blonde color can be colored into different catchy shades like pink, red, blue, purple, green……..If someone wants to have a blonde bombshell look than the platinum blonde is the best choice.

The color is a present-day Hollywood epidemic (in a good way!). The color stands the test of time for giving anyone an insouciantly cool vibe. It can be combined with any skin type but there is something very special about platinum blonde on dark skin. Somehow the beauty standards have undergone very drastic change and what before would look unusual is now quite normal. So without any doubt here we can state the moonlit platinum silver blonde is the perfect fit for dark skin. It's impossible to ignore the number of famous faces who have been ditching old beauty standards in favor of vibrant, bleached hues, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Taraji P. Henson, Beyonce, Ciara, Jasmine Sanders, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera……the list is endless.

PRARVI hair extensions not only deal with blonde bundles but also deal with blonde’s closures and frontals. Our 613 hair is very shiny, soft, smooth, silky and luxurious. It also holds color very well, so that you can give vibrant look to yourself. It can be easily curled for soft bouncy curls or can be flat ironed for straight hair. It can suit any hairstyle.

What are Ombre Hair extensions?

Ombre hair means giving hair a shaded effect by keeping a darker color at roots and gradually lightening it down at the end. The effect thus creates a mesmerizing effect. It is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. Prarvi extension designs Ombre extensions that give the latest look of today. The main benefits of Ombre are:

  • Ombre hair is stylish and trendy
  • Ombre hair is very eye catchy
  • Ombre provide different look
  • Ombre easily blends with natural
  • Ombre is versatile
  • Ombre is pocket-friendly
  • Ombre is safe
  • Ombre is zero-commitment
  • Ombre is forever
What are hair extensions wefts?

Hair extension wefts, term that every hair extension user comes across. What are hair extension wefts? This question often arises in their mind, well hair extension wefts refer to products which have been sewn or wefted to create the bundle of extensions. Loose or bulk hair is fed through a triple-head sewing machine to add a reinforced stitch near the top (root) of the individual strands. But we rarely talk about the different types of hair extension wefts that are available.
The type of hair extension weft determines that how natural your hair will look. The most natural hair extensions are made from Remy human hair, the hair that’s sewn onto the hair extension wefts are facing in the same direction for a seamless finish.

What are toppers or top pieces?

Toppers and top pieces are helpful solutions for beginning to mid-progressive stages of hair loss, bald spots, thinning of hair, top line receding and mid parting thinness or for those ladies or men who just want to add fullness to the crown/top area of their head. . Hairpieces are often used by men and women with thinning hair who can use a larger piece of hair which is attached to a small base and it covers a large area on the head which is sparse. These hairpieces and hair extensions are great for women with negligible hair loss, but are also loved by women who want to add some length or pump up the volume for the party or some other occasion. This can be seen as the easiest and convenient way to look trendy and glamorous.

How much do keratin hair extensions cost?

Keratin hair extensions are expensive to install. Good salons can charge you from $1000–2000 or more to do a full head. The hair quality needs to be very good else you may pay a lot for installation only to discover a bad hair product. I have been building my product line in variety of hair with manufacturing to market and at Natural Indian Virgin Remy Hair Wigs or Extensions I do sell custom Keratin extensions. You can purchase the hair and get it done at a good salon or stylist.

What makes PRARVI Platinum Blonde 613 different from others?

Platinum blonde is the finest & most difficult color to produce naturally in hair extensions without using the dye. It is the highest level of bleach refinement that you can do on a natural 1B hair and requires the adequate balance between shine and color to make it look extremely nice. Our natural process does not use any dye so the platinum blonde hair can be dyed in future to other colors without a challenge. To make a platinum blonde, we need to very slowly bleach a very high quality, healthy Remy hair at a well-maintained temperature. The hair progressively bleaches to color 2, 4, 6 .. etc before reaching the final color. Given that it takes longer to bleach a natural black or brown hair to platinum blonde hair, utmost care is taken to maintain the gentleness of bleach combined with a careful observation of the time and temperature. After doing this process, the hair is dried and combed to give it a final shape and is ready for use by the client. It goes through high-quality checks to make sure that the properties of the hair are consistently maintained. Stylists and salon owners typically can bleach the hair further to give it an appropriate tone for the client. Given it is a very controlled process of discoloring of a natural hair, the ability of the hair to absorb future color is fully maintained.

What are balayage extensions?

Hair that has a certain color in the bottom (a lighter shade) that gradually fades into a different color around the roots is known as balayage colored extensions. Prarvi don’t currently deal in it but our future plans of expansion includes it.