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Natural Wave Full Lace Wig

$750 USD
Natural wave patterns range from nearly straight to beautiful curl. They give you fuller look and are adaptive to one's style. They are made from the highest quality Indian Virgin Remy hair.
  • 20"
  • 22"
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Product Details

Prarvi produces and sells the highest quality Full Lace Wigs Natural Wave with Mono Top in affordable prices. Our full lace wigs are hand-tied in the front for the natural hairline. They are made with the highest quality virgin hair which is carefully selected, sorted and bleached to produce fine quality color brown(#8) hair. This fix parting mono top based wigs are suitable for prosthesis design too, as made from purely human hair and silk base net material along with high density 180-200. Our hair is raw, unprocessed and authentically sourced. It is a single drawn hair. The hair doesn't tangle as cuticles are aligned. It gives a very natural feel, allows for styling and protects your hair edges which give a very natural front line.  It is made with 100% Virgin hair. 

  • Hair Type: Raw Human Hair
  • Texture: Wavy
  • Net material: Silk Base
  • Cap size: Medium to Large
  • Hair Length: 18''

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better, wigs or hair extensions?

Extensions were more popular compared to Wigs earlier. But with the quality of front lace wigs at a decent level, the wigs are also being used quite a lot at the higher end of the market with real hair. Most stylists prefer extensions as they like to work on the hair after install. For lighter hair fashion, wigs are sufficient. For styling and lot of good fashion, prefer extensions.

What is the difference between Virgin and Non Remy hair?

Indian Remy hair is largely sourced from temple auctions. Each year the temple sells around 30-40 MM US$ worth of hair. Hair companies purchase the hair in bulk at the temple auction, clean it and wash it to sell as hair extensions in the market. The bulk of high-quality Indian hair is imported in the USA and Europe. 

As a buyer of hair extension, this information is very valuable. As I connect the dots, the hair sold at source is only 30-40MM $ where total hair product import of US alone is upwards of 1.5 BN $.

Where is this additional hair coming from? 

 A large part of the hair comes from the export of raw hair which is non-Remy and is processed in China. The non-Remy hair becomes part of cheaper hair extensions which are sold in different geographic names like Brazilian Hair Extensions or Peruvian. 

Thus, it is very critical for the buyer to realize that reliable and accurate testing of hair extension is important. Prarvi has been working on developing few methods for testing hair extensions with scientists and experts.

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  • Shelley U.S.A. 17 Sep, 2018
    Full volume provider-
    I got volume and they felt so bouncy.i loved the feel