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Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions

Platinum blonde is the finest & most difficult color to produce naturally in hair extensions without using the dye. It is the highest level of bleach refinement that you can do on a natural 1B hair and requires the adequate balance between shine and color to make it look extremely nice. Our natural process does not use any dye so the platinum blonde hair can be dyed in future to other colors without a challenge. To make a platinum blonde, we need to very slowly bleach a very high quality, healthy Remy hair at a well-maintained temperature. The hair progressively bleaches to color 2, 4, 6 .. etc before reaching the final color. Given that it takes longer to bleach a natural black or brown hair to platinum blonde hair, utmost care is taken to maintain the gentleness of bleach combined with a careful observation of the time and temperature. After doing this process, the hair is dried and combed to give it a final shape and is ready for use by the client. It goes through high-quality checks to make sure that the properties of the hair are consistently maintained. Stylists and salon owners typically can bleach the hair further to give it an appropriate tone for the client. Given it is a very controlled process of decoloring of a natural hair, the ability of the hair to absorb future color is fully maintained.

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